As long term readers of this blog will know, we here at Stone Junction Towers are big fans of Chris Rand and his team of experts over at Google AdWords Management agency BMON

This morning, Chris made a really important point on his blog about the rise of social signals as a method of search engine optimisation. For those of you not conversant with the topic, this means that, just as the number of links to your website has always determined where it appears in search engine results, now ‘social signals’ also have an effect.

‘Social signals’ means the number of people talking about you and linking to you on social media outlets such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook.  Chris, and lots of other similar experts, believes that eventually social signals could outrank number and quality of links in Google’s algorithm.

Chris then goes on to make a really, really, really, really useful point; “The important thing for those of us who operate in areas like widget sales, where there's not a lot of "social buzz", is to see this as an opportunity. You don't need many Twitter mentions or Facebook "likes" to beat other widget manufacturers.” 

Now, I’ve repeated lots of Chris’ opinions so far, but here’s one of my own. Technical PR is one of the best ways for ‘widget makers’, which is to say technology, technical and engineering companies, to generate social buzz.

A search on Twitter this morning for Stone Junction client ‘Olsen Engineering’ shows up three Tweets that mention the company. The first is from American web site, the second from the lovely folk at Machines4Sale and the last one from Industrial Pump News.

Now, three Tweets isn’t a lot, but we are only measuring those showing up in the ‘top tweets’ search (a limited recent search – Twitter’s zeitgeist if you like). And as Chris says, you don’t need many.

Furthermore, the objective for this client wasn’t to generate social signals, it was to generate press coverage – the social signals are a by-product. Imagine how powerful this could be if you’re primary objective was to generate a social buzz? You know what to do...

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