Yesterday’s by-election trouncing of Lib Dem makes me wonder if the party won’t try and combine with UKIP to survive. The previous time the then Liberals were in Government was back in the 1970s with Labour under Jimmy Callahan. They pulled the rug out from under him and were severely dealt with by the electorate then. 

Having once been a Lib Dem voter myself during Paddy Ashdown’s time in charge, I can’t help feeling sorry for them because now the punishment is happening well before a general election. Gladstone must be rolling in his grave.

Off course the media is having a field day. Comments posted up against BBC’s online story include, ‘the Tories need to listen to UKIP now, or the prospect of a disastrous labour government looms’, ‘I'm glad UKIP won so many votes even though I doubt I'd like to see them win’ and ‘although, a Tory/UKIP coalition would be an interesting proposition, they are certainly closer bed fellows that the current partners.’

I have this idea: what if UKIP joins with Labour? Wouldn’t that be a laugh? Between them, they could carry off a voting coup in the Commons. Hmmm, yes – unlikely! Mind you it wouldn't be unknown for ideologically opposed camps to make a deal. I'm thinking of Hitler and Stalin. Look at how that ended!

Sometimes I'm almost tempted to vote for the Loonies. I've never done it before but there’s a first time for everything.

Meantime, the Daily Telegraph has run a story with the headline ‘Don't give politicians final say on changes to press regulation system, say public’, while the Independent says ‘David Cameron set to defy newspaper industry over press regulation.’

Nearer to home, from FeaturesExec comes the news that Motor Industry Magazine has appointed Tim Kiek, previously from Professional Motor Factor, as editor. Also that Hamerville Media Group has appointed Eugene Allen as editor of Repair and Refinish Review. Allen was previously editorial assistant at sister publication Professional Motor Mechanic, and will also edit Apprentice Vehicle Technician and Apprentice Vehicle Workshop.

If you want to stay as close to the technical media as we are, it’s a piece of cake - just contact us!

Have a great bank holiday weekend all.

By Boris Sedacca

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