It’s no easy feat, trying to get a new social media platform into the market against the likes of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But Lebanese billionaire and son of former Lebanese Prime Minister, Ayman Hariri, appears to be making headway with his app, Vero. 

By Ellie Clifford, account executive

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, sees it as a priority that Facebook is a free service available to everyone and insists that it will always be this way. To keep the lights on and the newsfeed flowing, Facebook sells adverts. It makes more money as users scroll further down the newsfeed and click on more adverts. However, many feel that the adverts make Facebook less about communication and more about sales.

Vero, meaning truth in Latin, is a subscription-based, ad-free social media platform intended to let users be themselves by specifying who can see each of their posts. First launched back in 2015, the app has experienced a sudden surge in popularity over the last week, jumping from 99 to number one in Apple’s UK store.

What’s in it for businesses?
You can’t advertise on Vero, so is there any place for the platform in your company’s marketing strategy? Companies can still post on Vero and incorporate links back to their website. There is also the option to include a ‘buy now’ button for an extra fee.

Will Vero overtake competitors?
While it seems that Facebook and Twitter are here to stay, the controversy regarding the latest Snapchat update demonstrates the dynamic nature of the social media market. It’s not impossible to imagine that new key players, such as Vero, could emerge and dominate.

However, the sudden surge in the number of users has pushed Vero to its limits. Many people have experienced issues when trying to register and send verification codes for the platform and this remains a problem.

In addition, widespread concerns over the security of personal data given to Vero is overwhelming the media. This is largely due to Hariri’s past as deputy chief executive officer and vice chairman of his family’s construction business. The business faced many problems, including allegations of abuse and appalling treatment of its staff. This poses the question, can Hariri be trusted?

The #DeleteVero hasthtag currently trending on Twitter indicates the growing anger users are feeling towards the subscription-based platform. Vero will need to resolve its issues as a matter of urgency if it is to continue to grow its user base and take over as the new Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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