You’ve worked hard on developing your new products and creating exciting PR and marketing initiatives, now it’s time for the launch. However, wrangling stakeholders, potential customers and the right media representatives into one room as an SME is as easy as herding cats. Here, Kirsty McMahon, new client strategist at Stone Junction, explains why the right event venue can hold the key to success. 

While it’s tempting to take the easy option and hold an event at your own facility, it’s not always the right choice. If it ticks all the following boxes, you’ll be fine, but if not then it may be worth exploring other options to maximise attendance and media coverage.

Location: Accessibility
The first and most obvious consideration is how easy your venue is to get to. Selecting somewhere off the beaten track may provide a pretty backdrop to your event, but it will put guests off making the trip.

You also need to consider how inconvenient a location may be for journalists you’d like to invite. Much of the UK’s media, for instance, is based in and around London and further south. Small pockets, like oil and gas media, are based in other areas, such as the northern most coastlines of Scotland. Selecting somewhere close to the people you’re inviting maximises the chance they will be able to spare the time to attend, instead of declining simply because of travel time.

Location: Meaning 
While it is true that you can hold a successful event in any old venue, it is important to stand out from the crowd whenever you can. This doesn’t mean selecting a location simply because it looks unique or exciting.

Instead, look at locations that support the message you’re trying to share or the product you are launching. If it’s a technical product, what about a science museum? For environmental campaigns, select a venue dedicated to cleantech or preservation, such as The Eden Project.

Location: Practicalities 
Don’t forget the important task of delivering the event. Always visit the location personally and walk through every stage of your launch. Is the room easy to access? Where do you need roll up banners? Is there enough room for everyone? Who and how will audio visual equipment be managed? Where will lunch be served?

These are just some of the important things to tick off your list before you send any invitations. Having to change details of events after you start to receive RSVPs will frustrate your audience and could reduce the numbers of attendees.

Of course, you could ensure things go smoothly by outsourcing aspects or all of your next press launch to someone with the right experience, like Stone Junction. Give me a call on +44 (0)1785 225416 or email kirsty@stonejunction.co.uk.

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