A study by the Politecnico di Milano suggests that TV and print advertising have declined in Italy over recent years. While on the surface it may seem like Italy's digital market is lagging behind, there are several online tools making their mark on the Italian market. Here, Duncan Singer, account executive at Stone Junction, explores the top digital tools for launching your business in Italy. 

In fact, this study reported a 34 per cent growth in online advertising during 2018, compared to just ten per cent in 2008. This suggests that the appetite for online media is increasing. For a business to be successful in Italy, it must have digital media as a central target for its PR campaign.

This poses the questions; what tools are available to help companies achieve a good digital presence in Italy and what online arena should a business concentrate on? Search advertising in Italy grew by eight per cent in 2017 reaching a value of €787 million. This suggests that Italians are now using search engines to find products and services.

Search advertising is a great way to get your website seen. However, there are lots of ways that we can improve our search position organically too.

SEMrush is an online tool that allows you to audit your website, find the best keywords to optimise your site for and see what keywords your competitors are using. It also allows you to differentiate between paid and organic growth of a keyword, letting you strategically adapt your marketing plan and find gaps in the market.

Another great tool that can help you improve your organic search position is AnswerThePublic. It allows you to zoom in on what keywords you should be optimising for by serving up associated search terms for your original keyword.  This gives companies insight into the terms that are performing well in search, allowing them to optimise their site for the phrases that are likely to generate the most traffic.

Despite these tools giving you a great insight into search, it’s just one part of a successful marketing campaign. If you are looking to expand your international campaign to Italy, it pays to have someone with knowledge of the terrain so that you can, as the Italians would say, “farla bene.” If you’re ready to launch your international campaign in Italy, contact me at


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