In a week that has seen Gordon Brown travel to Buckingham Palace to ask the Queen to dissolve parliament in preparation for a general election, it seems unlikely that anything quite as important has happened in the media.

And it hasn’t. But something really very important, that could soon change the way you market your business, will be happening soon. In June, both The Times and The Sunday Times begin charging for online access. For the record, you can ‘subscribe’ to the online edition of both papers for a couple of quid a week.

“But how will this change the way I market my business?” grumbled the class duffer from the back of the room. Well, the online media is now hugely important in all PR campaigns, perhaps more important than the print media. And this move is universally seen as a key indicator of whether or not people will pay for access to news online. When this barometer has registered the pressure of the media atmosphere, we may well see similar experiments in the online trade media.

For the record, my feeling is that few people will want to pay for access to business focussed Web sites, outside the realms of the FT. However, I also thought that no one would buy an iPod when they could get a regular MP3 player so much cheaper. And I thought the global market for computers was limited to about five machines. Sorry, that last one was actually Thomas J Watson, the head of IBM, but you get my point - no one can see the future. Anyway, onto this week’s media moves without further hesitation.

In building and architecture, The New Civil Engineer has appointed Declan Lynch as technical reporter and Alexandra Wynne as news editor. Meanwhile, Andrew Hankinson has joined Building as deputy news editor while Sophie Griffiths has left the magazine.

The world of IT has been shaking as Cliff Jones is named editor of IPC Media’s technology reviews website Cliff, who was most recently senior commercial producer of, steps into the role on April 12. Also, senior reporter Angelica Mari has left Incisive Media’s Computing.

Finally Emma Wrafter has replaced Brian Shillibeer as editor of the monthly magazine Safety Management.

And there’s an election going on or something. Apparently.

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