Plants. Friends. Hair. House. High maintenance is never a good thing. Google AdWords campaigns certainly require ongoing maintenance, but they are not as daunting as you may think. If you know what you are doing, you can make things much easier for yourself. Here are three quick checks you can do today, to ensure your Google AdWords campaign is worth the budget and is maximising conversions.

Carla Mateus, senior account executive at Stone Junction.

Are searches relevant?
Your AdWords dashboard will show which search phrases are triggering ads to be shown on search engine results pages (SERPs). For example, if your website supplies industrial robots, you wouldn’t want your advert to be shown for ‘toy robots’. If you find that your searches aren’t relevant, you can add certain phrases to the negative keywords. In this case, you could add ‘toy’.

This list of negative keywords tells Google that your advert shouldn’t be shown for searches containing this term. As a result, it saves your ad budget for more relevant search terms that are more likely to convert.

Check the location
Are your adverts being shown to in the right location? Click the location tab to make sure. If you’re a local business, you don’t want to be spending budget on adverts outside of your local region. Equally, if you’re a global business, you don’t want to be excluding international target markets.

If you find the locations aren’t optimal. It’s an easy fix. Click the blue pencil icon in the location section of AdWords, select the campaign you’d like to update, and click the blue pencil icon to add relevant locations.

Click ‘Ads & Extensions’ to make sure your ads are making use of all the available extensions to your advert. The most important is the call extension. This presents ads with your company phone number, so that mobile users can call your business at the touch of a button.

Adding the call extension is easy. Click the blue plus icon and then ‘+ call extension’. These numbers can be altered based on the location of the searcher. For example, showing the UK number to UK searchers, and the U.S. number to U.S. searchers.

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