If you are operating in the UK’s engineering PR world, social media marketing is probably either a swear word or your daily mantra. In fact, when I’ve suggested implementing social media as part of a PR campaign in the last couple of years the tactic has normally either won the campaign or seen me booted out of the door!

However, both the over enthusiastic and ultra negative responses ultimately lead to unbalanced campaigns. I often recommend a sensible, balance of tactics including media relations, social media and more. And, if a balanced view is what you are looking for, perhaps the best way of developing it is via some dedicated research. If that’s what you are looking for, then why not start with this list of the best social media marketing books of 2009, prepared by Chris Tompkins from the US based business Go! Media International. Here are the top three from Chris’ list; you can find the rest on his LinkedIn post, here:

1. Groundswell (by Charlene Li): This title was the overwhelming winner in the poll. I cannot argue that wonderful case studies and the concise, direct approach of the book. It is so small but packed with so much useful information.
2. Trust Agents (by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith): This was the second place winner and my own personal favorite. A great book filled with straight forward advice, no nonsense action plans and most importantly it focuses on many of the ethical aspects we can sometimes forget when marketing via social media channels.
3. The New Rules of Marketing and PR (David Meerman Scott): Our third place winner is a definite must-have for marketers and non-marketers alike. This book is packed with straight talk from DMS on how to really ride the wave rather than having it crash on top of you.
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