Did you know that consumers are more likely to trust the opinion of their peers than the brand itself? In fact, 60 per cent of consumers are likely to purchase a product they’ve seen in a social media post. So, partnering with influencers to communicate your brand message could be what your campaign is missing.
By Sara-Anne Mills-Bricknell, account executive
Whether your campaign is about creating brand awareness or marketing your services and products, influencers are great when you want to get a message out to your audience.
Many believe influencing is limited to B2C campaigns, but this is not the case. No matter your industry, there will always be highly regarded individuals and specialists that can endorse and add value to your campaign.
Working with influencers that share your businesses interests will help you break into your target markets. This is because they will no doubt have a loyal following of peers that share similar interests and will be able to provide insight as to how best engage with them.
While influencers predominantly create content themselves, businesses should not be scared to use their influencer’s platforms as an opportunity to widen the reach of any existing content.
For example, you can distribute videos and promotional materials for them to share with their followers and connections.
When looking to incorporate influencers into your marketing strategy, businesses must consider what they want to gain.
Mostly, influencers are a good way to drive traffic to your website or social media channels. The added value of this is that once a prospective customer has been referred by an influencer, it’s much easier to convert the lead into a sale.
Influencers do not need to be brought in for one-off campaigns either. For those that gain real traction to your site, businesses should consider the option of making them long-term ambassadors.
As we all know, nobody likes it when people talk only about themselves and so taking the humble approach and letting others do the talking can have a rewarding impact.
If you are interested in using influencers in your campaign but aren’t sure who the right ones are or how to bring them on board, get in touch by e-mailing sara-anne@stonejunction.co.uk or calling +44(0)1785 225416.
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