Earlier this month, Facebook's co-founder, Dustin Moskovitz predicted the death of e-mail. His main argument was that, for most office workers, e-mail has become nothing but a horrendous waste of time. While we don't necessarily agree, we're strong advocates for marketing automation methods that allow companies to significantly improve their e-mail marketing strategy.

By Charlie Stroe

I don't know how many hours a day you spend managing your emails, but a 2012 McKinsey report showed that corporate workers spend nearly one-third of their office hours doing just that.

Imagine how productive you would be if you could get rid of those neverending e-mail trails, one-line replies and piles of unsolicited communciation that jams your Inbox every thirty seconds. That would be heaven, right?

Don't answer that question, it's rhetorical. Instead, think about this very frightening prospect.

Chances are that the e-mail newsletter you've so carefully put together this week is also going to get bulk-deleted along with fifty other such e-mails that your audience receives on a daily basis. And why is that? Because he or she doesn't think it's relevant.

The only way to stop this from happening is to make your e-mail marketing relevant. An effective way to do so is by using marketing automation, which can help you manage your sales funnel. This means that each potential recipient gets the exact information he needs at a particular point in the sales process.

Has your audience just downloaded a whitepaper from your website? Maybe they're  finally ready to buy, so sending them a product offer by email might just hit the spot. Has your recepient already bought from you? Why not send him a reminder that he or she gets free maintenance for a certain amount of time?

Depending on the context, e-mail still has a crucial place in the marketing mix. But if you really want yours to be read, make sure you make it relevant and straightforward.

Oh, and make it fun.

So before you follow in Nietzsche's footsteps and go around declaring things - like marketing techniques - dead, take a step back and see how you could improve the way you're currently using them.

Image courtesy of amenic181 on freedigitalphotos.net

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