Gone are the days of 'fake it 'till you make it' on YouTube. A few days ago, Google announced plans to clamp down on fake video views on its ever-popular video platform, YouTube.

By Ashleigh McLeod

In the past, YouTube users have been able to purchase substantial view figures from as little as £30. Historically, this was a very simple way of driving your video up YouTube's search results, which is particularly significant when you bear in mind that YouTube is still the world's second largest search engine.

Google's plan is to make YouTube more attractive for advertisers, but it's also a plan we can all benefit from. If you use video as a marketing tool, buying views won't really help any more. So, those videos of people holding sensors with half a million in the stats column and the industrial robots moving things from left to right with two million views are in trouble.

At first glance you may think the extra views will attract more viewers but really, the only important factors of your video are quality, on page optimisation and promotion.

YouTube views are great, as are Twitter followers, but if the views aren't real and the followers are hundreds of inactive accounts on the other side of the world, what's the point? Sharing your content and gaining fans has more benefits than just a large number underneath your video or beside your logo. And the search engine optimisation benefits are being clearly clamped down on.

I realise it's not as easy as I make it sound and that's why I suggest calling in the experts. On a recent social media campaign for one of our clients we gained one company 100 authentic Twitter followers in less than a week. And remember, 100 authentic followers are worth an infinite amount of fake ones.

If you want to read more on Google's YouTube marketing plans click here.

Here's to hoping other social media platforms, particularly ones who have recently celebrated significant anniversaries, will follow suit and make life harder for the cheats!

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