In the past we've talked about how useful videos are for promoting your organisation. Sharing your video collateral with stakeholders, employees, journalists and potential clients can only enhance your company profile and attract more website traffic. However, the mental hurdle for many comes down to the time and costs required to produce a good quality, engaging video. But that's just what it is - simply a mental hurdle. In this post we'll show you an inspiring short film illustrating how you can do more with less!

Yesterday I was invited to see a video created by a group of film students from Staffordshire University. The 13 minute videowas in fact a documentary about a local charity called House of Bread. Set up three years ago, the volunteers get together once a week to provide a hot meal and a few kind words for the homeless and less fortunate in the area.

I must confess that I didn't know what to expect and I was taken aback by the quality of both the footage and the storyline. A few days of filming, one handy camera and lots of smiley faces were the ingredients for this uplifting video - you can watch it here.

But what impressed me most was the way in which the message was conveyed to the audience - clearly, informatively and with a touch of humor. Although the subject matter was difficult to tackle, the team manages to make it interesting, fun and engaging, without spending a fortune on decor or state-of-the-art techy devices. 

The lesson here is that irrespective of the size or industry sector you are in, a short, simple video can effectively convey your cornerstone message to your audience. Try finding the interesting story in your own back garden and then show the footage to the world. You may not reach the Cannes Film Festival, but you will most definitely reach the people that matter most to your business!

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