Greenpeace has recently launched a campaign against car manufacturer Volkswagen's advert titled VW Dark Side. It is meant to be a protest against the German corporation’s self-touted - but rather unfounded - green credentials.  Yet as far as we can tell, the campaign itself is pretty much flawless.

The viral advertisement works by showing a film that takes its inspiration from the recent VW advert titled The Force.

The idea is that in order to gain access to further films from the Dark Side site, users have to sign up and earn points. The clever thing about this game is it actually functions as a method of self promotion; points can be earned by sharing the video with other users. Further points are earned by people following the link you have shared and signing up themselves. The Rebel Manifesto’s potential is a great one, as its influence as a viral can increase exponentially.

The campaign is in our opinion, almost perfect in its execution. The references to the Star Wars subject matter and the advert itself are the icing on the cake. The Star Wars storyline is so well known, that the goal of stopping “our planet going the way of Alderaan,” needs no explanation. (For the uninitiated reading this post, Alderaan was destroyed in A New Hope.) 

The crossover between the mass of people that enjoy alternative cinema - though Star Wars is probably a classic by now - and those involved in environmental protection campaigns is massive. 

With 249,613 Jedi signed up to the manifesto so far, and counting, this is a great example of social media oriented viral. 

Here at Stone Junction we love to hear about things like this, so if you have any other examples of similar campaigns please leave a link in the comments. The more they reference Star Wars the better – yes, we’re geeky like that!

Photo courtesy of Greenpeace.  
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