It’s almost common knowledge now, that here at Stone Junction we generate content to produce sales for clients. Something lesser known, however, is why it was once referred to as ‘content marketing’ and why we now call it ‘content PR’.  

For us content PR describes the principles of content marketing applied to a PR perspective. For example paying for advertisements would fall under content marketing whereas content PR for example, can be coverage which is earned through the means of liaising with journalists and introducing them to newsworthy topics with media value. Whilst content marketing is still a well-known label, the term does not quite cover it for us. This is because it can only explain the bare minimum of what content PR, has become over time.

Another aspect of content PR is our promotional ability within social media. We earn our clients’ followers, friend lists, retweets and even the right to maintain conversations with the appropriate audience through interesting dialogue. Between Marketing and PR the line no longer seems so fine.

Frank Strong at Vocus says “It’s hard to argue we're ‘just’ PR pros or we're ‘just’ marketers anymore.  Those days – and the need for those days – are gone. We've been assimilated, joined and fused together – we are hybrid professionals as Deirdre Breakenridge so aptly calls it. The future lies in the integration of all the sub-functions falling under the art and science formerly known as marketing.”

Sarah Skerik of PR News Wire explains her views on the topic: “Content PR shapes opinion contextually.  When coordinated with the brand’s marketing efforts, content PR generates lasting visibility and delivers measurable, top line business results.”

While many may think that I'm biased in respective of PR and that the future of content and advertising lies within PR, I believe that this is not quite the whole truth. Marketing and PR are effectively combined and it certainly should not be a case of one or the other. Together we can make a perfect team.

Do you have an opinion on Content PR? If so why not contact us? We're always open for an interesting conversation.

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