You may already be considering your holiday destinations for this year. The world is your oyster. Yet, why shouldn’t your business have the same luxury of exploring new territories? Whether it’s holidays or new business areas, it's important to choose the best location for your needs.  Here, Carla Mateus, senior account executive at Stone Junction, explains how Google Market Finder can help.

While Trip Advisor reviews are available to help with choosing holiday destinations, effectively taking your business to a global level requires more than a review by Sue from Shropshire, complaining about the lack of sun loungers around the pool.

Google Market Finder is a very useful tool that recommends the best markets for your business. You can simply type in your website domain and click go. From this, Google automatically extrapolates the categories that your website covers. For example, a food packaging company may correspond with ‘food production’, ‘food packing and bottling’ and ‘manufacturing’.

It’s worth double checking these categories though, as Google doesn’t always get it right. After all, the more accurate the categories are, the more insightful the results will be.

The results show which international territories are the most lucrative for your business, based on the monthly searches across the categories specified. This is one of the strongest indicators for demand and overall opportunity size. The results also show the ease of doing business in the country as an exporter, and shares insight into how much spending power the nation has to spend on products and services.

Of course, this is just the beginning of internationalising a business, and there is plenty more to consider in terms of localising a website for a particular region and setting up international payments. Here at Stone Junction, we can help you across the entire journey. Think of us as your business's Trip Advisor. For more information, e-mail me on carla@stonejunction.co.uk.

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