A recent post on the BMON Blog about using iPads in sales presentationsmade me think about what most businesses do with the clippings their technical PR agency generates for them once they have appeared in the press or online.

Not doing anything with them is a missed opportunity. It’s like buying a stand at a trade show, paying for the lighting, graphics and the nice little table with sweets on and then not sending any staff to the show. 

Refrring back to the BMON article, an iPad can be a great way for salesmen to show of the clippings generated by your engineering PR campaign. After all, what’s more influential; page one of your presentation where you say you are the leading supplier of 6mm screws to the Ukrainian pet food industry or the clipping from Ukrainian Pet Food Today that says you are the biggest and best?

Other ways to use your clippings include: 

• Create an online repository of them in .PDF format (providing you optimise the file names and PDF properties so that they can be found)

• Create a physical repository of them to use in your reception and in sales presentations

• E-mail or post copies of them to your clients or prospects, after all they are the people you are hoping will see the article in the first instance

• Use excerpts from the article in your sales literature and on your Web site. If you’ve been called the best supplier of widgets in your sector by your key trade magazine or web site, then tell everyone about it! 

• And finally, one of the most effective methods can be simply sticking them up on notice boards around your plant or office. You’d be surprised how beneficial seeing the company in the press can be for team morale. 

You should be aware of course that some of the above uses will require an NLA (Newspaper Licensing Agency) licence. 

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