Over the last year there have been a lot of changes to Blogger, which as you know is Stone Junction’s blogging platform of choice. Historically its has had a bad press, mainly because making it match the functionality of Wordpress requires a little online marketing and HTML knowledge. However, thanks to recent and forthcoming changes to the platform, Blogger is set to wipe Wordpress from the virtual face of the earth. Or the face of the virtual Earth. Or something.

The changes so far include building analytics into every Blog automatically, adding one click mobile formatting for Blogger blogs, introducing a ‘follow by e-mail’ function that provides Feedburner functionality direct from Blogger and creating a new template designer

Furthermore, in 2011, Blogger is set to introduce further changes to its editing suite, that will allow you to intuitively ‘edit on page’ rather than via a WYSIWYG. There are also set to be developments on the dashboard that will make using the software itself an easier and more aesthetically pleasing job. 

So, if you aren’t already blogging with Blogger, give it a chance. 

By the way, did you know that Stone Junction can build you a Blog and train you in its use for only £750? It comes with full social media integration, search engine optimisation and an opening post. We can even provide ongoing copy writing support to help provide you with interesting and relevant content for your shiny new Blog for an easily managed monthly fee. Get in touch if you are interested in knowing more. 

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