After Sunday’s 6-1 win over Panama, the atmosphere at Stone Junction is one of excitement and optimism for tomorrow’s game. Although the national football team’s eyes are firmly set on one all-important goal, in the engineering world choosing where to invest your efforts isn’t always so obvious. 

By Chelsea Heard, account executive at Stone Junction. 

We’ve already discussed the benefits of becoming award-winning and drawn together three of the most important awards for the automation sector. But, if your business operates in a field that isn’t elite sports or automation, it can be tricky to know where to start.

Search engines
A multitude of awards lists are available online, including our favourite the Boost Marketing database. By using an awards database, you can get a quick overview of what’s available in your sector, geographical area or niche, such as business awards for women.

However, the database is unlikely to explain which are the most well-regarded and relevant to your business, so it is essential to do some manual research too. A simple Google search for “manufacturing award” draws up awards from the Institution of Engineering and Technology, The EEF and Food Manufacture on the first page.

Interestingly, The Manufacturer’s MX awards haven’t yet been highlighted in either of these searches, despite being an important and well-recognised scheme in manufacturing.  This shows the importance of looking beyond just a quick search.

Word of mouth
Your colleagues and business contacts can be a useful source of information on awards. Jot down any awards you hear mentioned at networking events, or that colleagues mention. A quick search of other businesses in your sector is an also excellent way of only finding awards that you can enter.

Once you have pulled together a list, the process of finding entry criteria and narrowing it down is relatively simple.

Several award schemes are run by well-respected magazines or industry bodies. For example, in manufacturing the two that immediately jump to mind are The EEF Future Manufacturing awards and The Manufacturer’s MX awards. For Stone Junction, industry bodies the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) both run well-regarded schemes that we regularly enter.

To round off your search, a manual look at relevant trade bodies and magazines. Once you have researched the awards available to you, the next step is to choose those that will bring the biggest benefit, to maximise your time investment. Then all that’s left to do is enter.

Stone Junction has a wealth of experience of entering and winning industry awards. If you can’t afford to miss an important awards deadline and want your award entry on target, get in touch on 01785 225416 or e-mail We just hope that the England team is on target tomorrow too.

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