The customer is always right, right? To prove it a famous UK bank once founded its entire marketing campaign on the fact that it liked to say ‘yes’. Fair enough, but the customer isn’t always correct.

Sometimes as a PR consultant, one has to say, ‘no’. When a client wants you to do something that would hinder them in reaching the goals you have both agreed upon, then in the long term saying ‘no’ will get you a thank you. In the short term of course ‘thank you’ is probably not the best way to describe what it will get you!

The customer is always right though, in that they invariably know what effect PR can have to benefit their business the most. However, they may not always understand how best to apply any given tactic to obtain that benefit. That’s why they aren’t PR consultants. They aren’t always correct.

So, if you are considering working with Stone Junction, and I know that some of the readers of this Blog are, then get ready to hear the very occasional ‘no’.

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