You might have heard about a Web site called Twellowrecently, it bills itself as the Yellow Pages of Twitter. Users can create a profile and list themselves under different categories, such as technical PRengineering PR, blue widgets or whatever it is that you happen to do.

The principle use of the site is to allow you to find people to follow on Twitter. The theory runs that these people will then also follow you – and the theory does work in practice. The more followers you have, providing they are genuinely potentially useful contacts, the more likely someone is to respond to any message you launch using the platform.

The key is choosing only those potential followers who are genuinely useful. For instance, I could quite easily follow everyone in the PR category of Twellow and pick up around 30,000 followers in response! However, most of them would be competitors, not potential customers.

So, for me the key to using Twellow is to search by company name. Build a list of your 50 ideal customers and key their business names into Twellow. Then follow the resultant listings. If this is part of an integrated communications plan, designed to reach your perfect clients, it will contribute to the overall efficacy.

And Twellow is, slightly, better than the search function in Twitter!

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