The subreddit ask me anything (AMA), is one of the most popular on the platform. With over 19 million subscribers, it is of little surprise that more businesses are considering using this avenue as an opportunity to engage with their audiences. Here Lorna Wilde, account executive at technical PR agency Stone Junction, explains the second consideration for businesses turning to Reddit AMAs.

After you’ve established whether there are any skeletons in your corporate closet, the second question I suggest you ask yourself before posting on a Reddit AMA is, do you have the time and expertise to answer?

One of the main downfalls of an AMA is getting someone else to answer the questions. Take Morgan Freeman’s AMA as an example. — while he was verified as the actual interviewee, he didn’t answer the questions himself — a PR firm did. Users quickly picked up on this and there was an influx of comments questioning the validity of his answers.

Other AMAs use PR firms as question-posers, in the hopes that the interview will stay on track and will only focus on a certain area. If done correctly and sparingly, it’s a great way to address issues that wouldn’t necessarily be asked by a consumer, but this should be limited to the start of an AMA, where questioning is slow.

Using a PR firm during these AMAs is recommended but as consultants rather than question answerers — specialists can draft answers to the toughest questions while collaborating with the interviewee who can add a personal flair to their replies. Whatever external help you receive, all answers should have the interviewee as the final touchpoint.

The most successful AMAs are the interviewees who take every question in their stride; transparency and the human touch is key. Keep engagements simple and relevant to the question being asked. And if it all goes wrong, you can always staple a piece of bread to a tree…

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