Coronavirus hasn’t done many good things for the world, or for the global economy, but one of its few positive side effects has been the introduction of video meetings into the lingua franca of the world of work.

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Richard Stone, Stone Junction’s head of technical PR chaos, explains how to take the pain out of making Zoom work with Outlook.

Think about the last few years of your career. Think about all the time you have spent on aeroplanes and in cars, travelling to and from meetings.

Think about all the meetings that could have been phone calls and all the phone calls that could have been emails.

But also think about all the face to face interactions — with colleagues, with clients or customers and with the media — which have been the highlights of your career.

I am sure it’s true to say that the first two categories outweigh the third, but that you wouldn’t give up those highlights for all the tedious PowerPoints and grey office blocks I could throw at you now, would you?

The wonderful thing about video meetings is that they don’t take away the highlights, they just replace the travel with productive time.

A couple of decades ago, a prominent British railway operator used the slogan “Business brains take Virgin trains,” to great effect in its advertising campaign. Today, I think it is fair to say that business brains have upped their video games and are suddenly using apps like Zoom, Whereby and Teams to great effect.

We have seen two years of digitalisation in the last two months

The Zoom Outlook plugin

Zoom is one of the funkiest apps around for video calling, the only real drag is having to create every meeting twice. First time in Zoom and the second time in Outlook — or whatever your preferred diary and email client is.

Well, those days are gone, and it’s all thanks to the plugins Zoom has released for Outlook, IBM Notes, Intel Unite and Skype for Business. Although, unless you are reading this blog post in the early noughties, the latter three probably won’t be much help to you.

All you have to do is head on over to the Zoom website, download and install the plugin, and restart your computer. Bingo! Outlook and Zoom have become harmonious siblings, no more Noel and Liam, more Solange and Beyoncé. 

The Plug in gives you an additional ‘Schedule a meeting’ button in Outlook, that sits right next to the standard ‘New meeting’ option. When you click on it, a regular Outlook Meeting invite opens as well as a pop-up version of the standard Zoom page for arranging a meeting — handy, right?

All you have to do is fill the Zoom box in and it populates your Outlook meeting, complete with Zoom link and password. The only manual bit is adding the people you want to invite.

No more copying and pasting invites in and out of Zoom. No more people not turning up to the meeting because they can’t find the details. And no more having to download iCalendar files to your desktop, before you can save the meeting in your preferred calendar and invite your colleagues.

Coronavirus hasn’t done many good things for the world. But, one positive side effect will be that you can skip the business travel for everyday meetings and save it for those career highlights that just can’t be replicated in the virtual world.

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