Exaggeration is the official language of the internet; and when it comes to social media espionage and their oddly accurate adverts, it’s no different. While it appears Facebook is keeping literal ‘tabs’ on you — they’re not. In fact, those ridiculously relevant adverts areactually the result of targeted ad campaigns. You may think you only told your mum about that desktop refrigerator on Amazon, but your browser cookies, related searches and public profile say otherwise.
With targeted ads generating nearly three times as much revenue as other adverts, Tasha Bodger, marketing executive at Stone Junction, explains the marketing benefits of nailing your targeted ad campaign.
Thanks to analytic services both businesses and social networks no longer need to make assumptions about who their average user is. Instead, they can deliver perfectly timed, primed and relevant ads to exactly who they want to, and boy is it lucrative!
Rather than spending thousands of pounds sending out blanket adverts with little success, businesses can spend a considered amount and target exactly who they want.
Let’s say your business manufactures pick-and-place robots for food production — the type to skilfully position cherries onto each bakewell tart. Although interesting, it’s a niche product and not for mass market. However, for Tim, a foreman at a large cake factory, it’s exactly what he’s looking for.
Why spend big bucks targeting everyone, when you just need to target Tim, Dick and Harry? 
This is where your ads come in!
Targeted ads work across numerous social networking sites: such as Google, Facebook, Bing or Instagram. When you’ve decided on the perfect platform, you can begin to input your customer data into their chosen format.
Facebook, for example, provide drop-down menus on their ad site where you can filter your target market’s age, location, interest, gender and page likes. Once done, your ad will be posted to the feed of anyone who fits into those categories.
It seems simple and the results can be colossal. 
Online advertiser WordStream, boast that businesses can increase their brand awareness by over 45 per cent by appearing in a targeted mobile advert, when compared to an indirect alternative. This could see an increase in engagement, click throughs and purchases.
For most businesses, the ROI of a tactic is the decider when implementing a new campaign and targeted ads do not disappoint. To generate a thousand impressions on Facebook a business need only spend £6.03. That’s in comparison to the eyewatering £29 per thousand for a television advert.  So, not only do target ads work, but they are also best for a business on a budget. 
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