As you know, we like to keep our blog relatively lighthearted most days. Today, we aren't going to. 

Instead we are taking part in Blog Action Day, an international online event which takes place every year on October 16. It unites the world’s bloggers by posting on a specific issue and aims to raise awareness and trigger positive discussions and actions regarding an important issue. 

By Richard Stone

This year the event is focussed on human rights and the objective is for all of the participating bloggers to draw attention to the abuses that take place across the globe.

But in the spirit of never getting too serious, we are just going to suggest that you watch some more telly.
Stephen Fry’s latest TV series, entitled Out There, is about the abuses suffered by gay people in countries less tolerant than our own. It started on Monday and the concluding part is broadcast on BBC2 tonight (Wednesday in the UK). You can watch part one on iPlayer here

The thing is though, just watching a bit more telly isn't going to change the world.

But you can change the world by taking small actions. I've been a member of Amnesty International, a charity that campaigns against human rights abuses, since 2006.

Membership costs whatever you want it to and it really does have an impact in countless ways, albeit slowly. Amnesty will communicate with you regularly, but in an impressively non-interruptive way, explaining what
action you can take to help correct injustices.

Similarly, if you have a corporate policy that helps your company take action on charities through you, it might be time to put that policy to work. Most human rights abuses don’t affect Western Europeans and Americans much, and I understand that those two groups are the ones that read our blog the most.

But they do affect real people.     

Anyway, tomorrow we will back to making stupid jokes about marketing.  

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