Working from home (WFH) is wonderful, right? Ten-second commute, no company-wide brew order and your own waist-down pyjama party — what's not to like? 

And yet for most of us, logging on from the lounge isn't the norm. Thanks to a certain virus — the bug who must not be named —, remote working has become a matter of national necessity, designed to keep us all safe. So, how do we all navigate this new self-isolation operation whilst maintaining productivity — and sanity too? 

Here Stone Junction's marketing executive, Tasha Bodger discusses her top tips to surviving your new home office. 


Make your bed but don't lie in it

Making the bed may seem like a pocket-money chore but when you're working from home, this simple task can signal the start of your routine and the working day — 'tidy room, tidy mind' isn't just an expression, you know! 

Cleanliness lends itself to productivity and if you're working from your bedroom — desk come dressing table anyone? — it's incredibly important your office space is kept clear of dishevelled duvets, empty tea mugs and crumb covered plates. 

Maintaining focus is hard — no one can deny it — but dirt is a distraction. In fact, cleaning up after yourself begins to look mighty inviting if you're stuck in a self-isolation slump. 

A clean workspace is a simple step, but it could make all the difference. 


Dress to impress ... yourself  

We've all been guilty of a botched conference call outfit; shirt and tie up top, ankle-height pyjama trousers on the bottom. It's a remote working privilege. 

Although this figurative wardrobe mullet is an expected right of passage for WFH newbies, "dressing to depress" doesn't help your productivity long term. Blurring the distinction between work time and free time is not only mentally conflicting but also restricts the opportunities you have to unburden yourself from work. 

Keeping routine, getting dressed into office attire and maintaining balance should ease the WFH transition. It should also allow you to distinguish between being dressed for bed and bedtime — no more pyjama's, capiche? 


Clock in

The temptation to divert from your typical working day is natural, nay, expected. But whilst the climate remains unpredictable, it's even more important to reward yourself with some form of normalcy — you deserve it! 

Start your day as you would have last month. Snooze your alarm at the same time, eventually, get out of bed at the same time and start your working day at the same time. For most of us, this may be the only aspect of regular living we can safely mimic — so why not maintain it? 


No more 'al desko' 

Lunch from your desk has never been a healthy option, so it doesn't suddenly become beneficial now we're all working from home. 

Keeping 'break' and 'business' separate isn't easy — especially when they're expected to coexist in the same environment — but dedicating a lunch hour away from your desk is a good way to start. 

Sit outside. Sit in the kitchen. Sit in your laundry room if you want. Just as long as you're far away from your workspace — and Microsoft office! 


If you're struggling to navigate COVID-19 media or the trappings of WFH then why not get in touch? We're still changing minds — and helping clear them too! 

Contact us on sayhello@stonejunction.co.uk or call +44 (0)1785 225416. 



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